Wakaflex is Australia’s leading non-lead flashing tape and is suitable for nearly all roof profiles and types. Wakaflex is quick and easy to install with no specialist tools required, and comes in a range of sizes and colours.

Sizes & Colours

Colour / Width 280mm 370mm 560mm
Lead Grey Example Wakaflex Color Grey Color Grey Color Grey Color Grey
Black Example Wakaflex Color Black Color Black Color Black Color Black
Brown Example Wakaflex Color Brown Color Brown Dash - Not available Dash - Not available
Terracotta Example Wakaflex Color Terracotta Color Terracotta Color Terracotta Color Terracotta

Thank you for your interest in Wakaflex, the next generation non lead flexible flashing tape. The perfect replacement for lead flashings, Wakaflex is suitable for new builds, re-roofs and roof-repairs. It can also be retro-fitted to cover existing lead flashings, and built into brickwork for step flashings.

Wakaflex is compatible with most roofing materials and is the ideal solution for replacing lead roof flashing for safe rainwater harvesting and grey water systems due to its non toxic and non corrosive properties. Environmental awareness has never been so high in Australia, and finally there is a genuine alternative to lead flashing.

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Wakaflex is made from Polyisobutylene (PIB – rubber) with an aluminium rib mesh insert and butyl adhesive strips along both edges that adhere to all tile, slate and metal roof profiles so there is no need for additional adhesives. That means it’s easy to install and the product itself is very light, only 4.5kgs for a 280mm x 5m roll. Wakaflex also comes in 370mm & 560mm wide lead grey coloured rolls.

Wakaflex flashing tape can be installed up to 50% quicker than traditional flashings and no specialist tools are required. Wakaflex is available in four colours in the 280mm size: lead grey, black, brown and terracotta. It also comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Wakaflex complies with the CSIRO requirements for AS 2904:1995 ‘Damp Course Flashings’.

Wakaflex does not expand or contract in the heat, so the complete roll length can be installed in one piece without the need to cut it and over-lap every 1.5m as with lead flashings. Wakaflex flashing tape has the unique ability to bond to itself, meaning that when you join two rolls by over-lapping 30mm, Wakaflex chemically bonds to itself forming one weather tight piece of flashing, greatly reducing wastage of material.

We feel Wakaflex has huge potential in the building industry as a safe roofing product that can replace toxic lead, especially with the current water shortages, and the drive by the Australian government to increase water tank usage.

If you have any questions regarding Wakaflex and its applications, please do contact us.

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