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5 Reasons Why Wakaflex Flashing Tape Is the Best Solution for Waterproofing Your Tiles

As Australia braces for the impending rainy season, homeowners are gearing up to prevent and tackle potential leaks that can plague their roofs, walls, and chimneys. However, there’s a silver lining in this looming cloud: the effective solution of lead free roof flashing. Wakaflex emerges as a trailblazer in this realm, offering professional-grade lead-free flashing that homeowners can put their faith in. Their Flashing Tape is a tour de force in the industry, seamlessly fusing effectiveness with an eco-friendly design that emphasises safety and environmental preservation.

Whether you’re in the process of building a new home or simply performing maintenance work on your existing abode, Wakaflex presents reliable, durable, and environmentally conscious solutions designed to withstand the test of time. The perils of water damage or potential lead exposure are too significant to ignore. 

What is Flashing Tape by Wakaflex?

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Welcome to the realm of Wakaflex, where pioneering ideas align seamlessly with practical solutions. As a vanguard in lead-free roofing, Wakaflex introduces its distinctive Flashing Tape, a groundbreaking product that is transforming the roofing landscape. This butyl-based flashing tape, celebrated for its unique self-bonding capabilities, provides a swift and effortless installation process, earning it high praise among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Born out of over four years of rigorous development and meticulous testing, Wakaflex ingeniously integrates an aluminium honeycomb mesh into its UV-resistant butyl-based rubber. This enables easy adaptation to any roof profile, eliminating the need for additional tools or silicone.

But Wakaflex’s innovation doesn’t stop there. It has also secured its place as Australia’s premier lead-free adhesive flashing, designed to replace lead in all roofing applications. Its versatility allows it to cater to almost all roof profiles and types, including tiles, metal, and polycarbonate. Celebrating a decade as the most sought-after lead-free flashing, Wakaflex has demonstrated its resilience, with over 6 million rolls sold across 40 countries. Its malleability ensures an instant tight seal, making it ideal for use in pitch transitions, wall abutments, and rising parts of structures such as dormers and chimney flashings. Furthermore, Wakaflex’s self-adhesive roofing flashing is the preferred solution for speedy and secure repairs, enhancing the weather tightness of roofs by creating a sealed edge. Opt for Wakaflex, and experience a roofing solution that harmonises efficiency, quality, and global recognition.

Reasonable and Reliable Waterproofing

In the realm of waterproofing, Wakaflex Flashing Tape stands as a testament to reasonable yet reliable solutions. Crafted from flexible and durable materials, this revolutionary roofing tape forms a protective barrier that shields tiles from the ravages of external water damage. By meticulously sealing along edges and seams, it eliminates the risk of water seeping behind the tiles, ensuring their dryness over extended periods. Whether the task at hand involves installing new tiles or repairing existing ones, the Wakaflex Flashing Tape creates a long-lasting seal that adheres with unwavering tenacity. As tiles naturally expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations, the flexible nature of the Wakaflex Flashing Tape allows it to flex without cracking, thereby safeguarding the seal for the lifetime of the tiles and preventing future costs.

As we delve further into the world of Wakaflex, we encounter our premium lead free roof flashing. This superior product, made from an extruded polymer rubber called Polyisobuthylene (PIB), showcases Wakaflex’s unique ability to chemically bond to itself when overlapped. This fascinating feature results in the formation of a continuous waterproof seal for joins and step flashings, a level of protection unmatched by any other flashing material available today. Internally, Wakaflex houses an aluminium mesh that bestows rigidity and a lasting memory when dressed to the roof surface. To further enhance its waterproofing capabilities, Wakaflex employs two butyl sealing strips running along both edges of the roll, coupled with a 3-piece HDPE protective backing.

Wakaflex is more than just a lead free flashing tape; it’s Australia’s leading non-lead flashing tape compatible with almost all roof profiles and types. With no specialist tools required, Wakaflex is quick and easy to install and comes in a range of sizes and colours:

Sizes & Colours:

  • Lead Grey: Available in 280mm, 370mm, 560mm
  • Black: Available in 280mm, 370mm, 560mm
  • Brown: Available in 280mm
  • Terracotta: Available in 280mm, 370mm, 560mm

Devised to serve as the perfect replacement for lead flashings, Wakaflex is suitable for new builds, re-roofs, and roof repairs. It can also be retro-fitted to cover existing lead flashings and built into brickwork for step flashings. With its non-toxic and non-corrosive properties, Wakaflex is the ideal solution for safe rainwater harvesting and grey water systems, offering a genuine alternative to lead flashing in an age of heightened environmental awareness in Australia.

5 Reasons Wakaflex Flashing Tape Is the Best Solution

When it comes to protecting your roof, not all flashing tapes are created equal. Wakaflex Flashing Tape has emerged as a pioneering solution in the realm of roofing, offering five compelling reasons why it’s the best choice for your roof. 

1.  Advanced Non-Toxic Roof Sealant

In the forefront of roofing innovation, Wakaflex Flashing Tape emerges as a game-changer. This advanced non-toxic roof sealant ushers in a new era of environmentally conscious roofing solutions, effectively addressing the long-standing concerns associated with lead flashing products. Crafted with an innovative, lead-free formulation, Wakaflex ensures the integrity of the roof, providing robust protection without compromising environmental sustainability. This lead free flashing tape goes beyond just fixing roofs; it introduces a healthier, safer alternative to traditional roofing materials, making it an ideal choice for the eco-conscious homeowner or builder.

2. Safe for Rainwater Harvesting

In the realm of eco-friendly roofing solutions, Wakaflex Flashing Tape is setting the bar high. Its unique inert properties make it safe for all roofing materials and ensure no contamination to any runoff used for domestic purposes. This lead-free roof flashing does more than just protect your home – it also facilitates safe rainwater harvesting, making it a prime choice for modern, environmentally conscious homes. The lead-free flashing tape provided by Wakaflex represents a fusion of innovation, safety, and commitment to the environment. By choosing Wakaflex’s roofing tape, homeowners are not merely opting for an efficient roof flashing solution but are also contributing to a sustainable future. 

3. Leading Non-Lead Flashing Solution in Australia

In the vast expanse of the Australian roofing market, Wakaflex stands unrivaled as the longest established and foremost non-lead flashing solution. This innovative lead-free roof flashing is not only compatible with a wide array of roof profiles and types, but it also offers a unique feature in its category – it’s the only butyl-based flashing that chemically self-bonds, significantly streamlining the installation process. Adding to its impressive features is the embedded aluminum honeycomb mesh that allows for effortless adaptation to any roof profile, eliminating the need for additional tools or silicone.

4. Lightweight and Easy to Install

In the world of roofing, Wakaflex Flashing Tape is revolutionizing the game with its lightweight and user-friendly features. With a weight of just 4.5kg for a 280mm roll, it’s incredibly easy to handle on-site, making installations a breeze rather than a burden. No special tools are required, and in a race against traditional lead flashing, Wakaflex crosses the finish line 50% quicker, saving precious time on every project. This seamless ease of use has caused a stir among roofing professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, elevating Wakaflex to their preferred choice. 

5. Durable, UV Resistant, and Guaranteed Performance

Defying the elements with its durable and UV-resistant qualities, Wakaflex Flashing Tape is a testament to robust performance and superior quality. It stands resilient against fluctuating temperatures and harsh sunlight, ensuring its durability under diverse weather conditions. The installation process is as impressive as the product itself – complete 5m lengths can be installed with just a 50mm overlap required for two sections to chemically bond, delivering an immediate watertight seal. But the assurance doesn’t stop there – each purchase comes with a 10-year nationwide guarantee. This isn’t just a promise; it’s a bold statement of confidence in the product’s performance and quality, making Wakaflex Flashing Tape an undeniable frontrunner in the roofing solutions market.

Choosing the Right Flashing Tape for Your Project

Selecting the perfect Flashing Tape for your roofing project can be a game-changer, and Wakaflex is committed to making this choice simpler for you. Known for its innovative strides in the realm of lead-free roof flashing solutions, Wakaflex brings to the table an exceptional Flashing Tape that is more than just a product – it’s a pledge towards quality, efficiency, and fuss-free installation. This standout butyl-based flashing tape is lauded for its unique self-bonding feature, ensuring a seamless and speedy installation process, thereby making it the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Cleverly designed with an aluminium honeycomb mesh incorporated into UV-resistant butyl-based rubber, this Flashing Tape effortlessly conforms to any roof profile, doing away with the need for extra tools or silicone. By choosing Wakaflex’s Flashing Tape, you’re opting for a tried-and-tested, rigorously assessed solution that promises top-notch performance, convenience, and enduring durability for all your roofing needs. Plus, with a variety of sizes and colours available – including Lead Grey, Black, Brown, and Terracotta in dimensions of 280mm, 370mm, and 560mm – there’s a perfect fit for every project.