Wakaflex Roof Flashing

Wakaflex is Australia's leading non-lead roof flashing tape suitable for nearly all roof profiles and types including tiles, metal and polycarbonate. Wakaflex is a safe, non-toxic roof sealant and is quick and easy to install with no specialist tools required.

Product Features

  • Non ToxicAs Wakaflex is a lead-free flashing product, there are no potential hazards for installers and no contamination for run-off water.
  • LightweightWakaflex roof flashing tape weighs only 4.5kg for a 280mm x 5m roll, making it easy to handle.
  • 3 SizesWakaflex is available in three widths: 280mm, 370mm and 560mm.
  • Available in 4 coloursWakaflex roof flashing is available in Terracotta, Black, Lead Grey and Brown.
  • Colour MatchingWakaflex can be painted to match any tile or metal roof profile once installed.
  • Compatible with Most Roofing MaterialsCan be fitted to new builds, re-roofs, roof repair and can be retro-fitted to cover existing lead flashing.
  • Built-in FlashingsWakaflex can be built into brickwork, and step flashed.
  • Quick & Easy To InstallThere are no special skills required and Wakaflex can be installed up to 50% quicker than similar flashings. Scissors or a Stanley knife is all that's required to install this self-bonding roof flashing tape.
  • Suitable for Rainwater Harvesting SystemsWakaflex is a non-toxic flexible roof flashing solution suitable for rainwater harvesting. There is no toxic or corrosive run off. Find out more about roof flashings and water harvesting.
  • Lasting ProfileWakaflex has an aluminium mesh insert that expands during installation that holds the roof profile.
  • FlexibilityWakaflex is made from Polyisobutylene (PIB) which provides flexibility to form a weather tight seal on extreme roof profiles.
  • Sealing StripsWakaflex comes with two Butyl sealing strips so no additional adhesives are required, making this roof flashing simple to install.
  • Temperature StabilityWakaflex is stable from -40' C to 100' C in accordance with DIN 52133. This flashing can be laid in hot or cold conditions.
  • UV ResistantWakaflex is UV resistant in accordance with DIN 16726, making it durable in Australia‚Äôs harsh climate.
  • Backing StripWakaflex comes with a three section plastic backing strip, to keep the adhesive side clean until final installation.
  • PackagingWakaflex can be supplied individually or in cartons of 4 x 5m rolls to suit requirements.
  • Laying LengthWakaflex does not expand or contract in hot or cold weather, so it can be installed in complete 5m lengths.
  • Over-flashingWakaflex only requires a 30mm lap joint onto itself, saving on waste. The flashing chemically bonds to itself after 20 minutes.
  • GuaranteeWakaflex comes with a 10 year nationwide guarantee.
  • CSIRO TestedWakaflex complies with the CSIRO requirements for AS 2904:1995 'Damp Course Flashing'.
  • BAL 29 ApprovedWakaflex is certified to Bushfire Attack Level 29 provided specified installation instructions are followed.


Wakaflex is available from suppliers throughout Australia. Find out where to buy Wakaflex in your area.

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Choose Wakaflex - the easy to install lead free roof flashing tape for non toxic roof waterproofing.